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Lavaca High School
704 South Davis
Lavaca, Arkansas 72941


  High School

The vision of Lavaca High School is a community with high expectations dedicated to helping students succeed.

Core Values and Beliefs:

The following are things that are musts for a successful education:

  • Safety is the foremost concern
  • Care for the students
  • Relationships
  • Community (parent, teachers, students, etc…) dedicated to learning.
  • Belief that ALL kids can learn
  • Parental involvement
  • Relation to real life
  • Good communication
  • Success is measured by what is learned
  • Students must have good attendance
  • Data measuring success
  • Application of new technology
  • Students take part in a variety of activities
  • Unified school district
  • Students are productive in society
  • 21st Century learning.
Mission Statement: The mission of Lavaca High School is to
provide a safe environment with caring, qualified educators,
well-rounded curriculum and activities which will guide
students toward a successful future.

Lavaca High School

Alma Mater

Lavaca High we honor thee

With love and grace and majesty

Our Alma Mater till we die

Oh hear our voices when we cry

Lavaca High, Lavaca High

We Pledge our Loyalty

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